Switch? Which Switch?


I began a process. The attempt to shut Crush out of my system. What would typically require just a couple of days without talking. I needed something stronger than absence.

I’ve willingly, unknowingly, comfortably Continue reading

It’s Still There..



I’m going about my business. Prepping for the move to The Mom’s. Crush had made a new friend and was getting to know her. It seemed like our phone time was. Um. Getting cut short.

The way she talked about this chick. The more I knew it was becoming more than just friends. Thus, Continue reading

Moms’ at 30



My lease was running out at my little studio apartment in Houston. I had already discussed this idea with The Mom a year ago.

My traveling has basically been my finding a place to reside permanently. I had asked Mom if I could stay with her to save up money for either buying a place of my own or moving completely out of Houston. Continue reading

Uh. We’re Done, Doc.


*Please note that I’m finishing up some old pieces before I give out all the good things going on right now. I know it’s confusing. Just bear with me.*

After hours of conversation with Crush. Many times running the wedding scene in my head. I did. I gave Doc another shot.

Messy home with bathroom trash, used tampons, immaturity, social awkwardness and lack of respect for my friends and/or co-workers. Lack of respect for me. Mechanical sex. Continue reading

Doc at the Wedding




The Doctor began to stress over what she was going to wear. Such short notice and all. Apparently, she really didn’t like long sleeves or button downs. All she had in her closet were polo shirts and some old blazers/sports jackets. I offered this particular date to be a date for shopping.

Hello! Of course, I don’t mind shopping as a date! Continue reading





I feel like I’ve unintentionally neglected this baby. Not for lack of many attempts to sit and write. I’m usually at work on the computer. When I get the urge to type a thought? A call comes in. When said call is finished? I look through my pictures of her.  Continue reading