How We Do..



I come home from work to my teal, v-neck, poplin dress laid out on the bed. Beside it a pair of thigh highs with the line up the back and my pink lace garter belt set.

Such an outfit this late at night?

I don’t hear or see you in the house. Can’t recall your car in the driveway? I shrug. Guess I’ll hit the shower. It’s been a day.

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Who Voted On Your Marriage?



*A long time butch friend of mine sent this over to me with permission to post. I know, I’ve stated that I will not get into politics on here. That doesn’t mean I can’t welcome others.. ;)*

Please. Welcome K to the soapbox!


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Vomiting Without The Vino




I keep coming back here wanting to write my last post about Florida. I can’t get to it. I also have this sentence incessantly running through my head: “I’m with child.Continue reading

Workin’ For The Man..


Rant about work. I know, it’s been awhile. I know that I haven’t even caught y’all up with what’s been going on. I’m pissed right now with the man. That’s right. The man. Man who writes my fucking my paycheck. The man I thought Continue reading

Fuckin’ Vampires!


When I came home from Florida it seemed like I didn’t get a moment to just be home. My luggage was in my living room for a few days. I had to get to the grocery store, back into my H-Town routine. Work had overtime posted that I jumped on! Most of what you read Continue reading

N.Y.E. at Butchlesque!


The night we’ve all been waiting for has come! Femmes and butches acting like it’s Spring Break 2013 before this big night!

The awesome began the moment I got out of my car and started walking toward the casino ballroom. Outside were a few butches puffing on their cigarettes Continue reading