As most everyone knows, I have a horrible weakness for the bois.

However, when this chick is single

I tend to sway on both sides of my gender until a butch comes around to make my knees buckle! Or simply just to make clit quiver!

*sigh* Continue reading

Feelin’ Butchie, Femme? Strap up!

I don’t typically “top.” It’s not in my nature. I like having control outside of the bedroom. Once those doors are closed, I wanna give in completely to the butch I’m with! Ordinarily, I want a butch to literally claim and take ownership of my body. Continue reading

Femme In Charge For a Night?

Let me preface this by saying that I love butches! They’re really the only gender I can feasibly see myself growing old with. The only gender I can whole-heartedly fall in love with. Have amazing sex with. And experience the right kind of balance I aim for in a relationship. I can feel her/hym. Empathize. Continue reading

Femme Vs. Femme

I joke about being jealous. It’s funny to me. My Hubby doesn’t like me joking about it….so I have experienced some jealousy through our years. I DO feel I have experienced the same femme vs. femme situations.

C’mon. Some of us girlies Soooo know what I’m talking about, right? I know that there are different levels of femmes. Some of Continue reading