Two Femmes To Florida!


As y’all know, for NYE this chica was anxious for her trip to Florida for Butchlesque. There was a snag in finding a place to stay. The femme I was originally gonna room with had to cancel her trip for personal reasons. I had my share of hotel fees set aside. Gas and food money saved up. Ready to go.


A Houston Femme offered to road trip to Florida with me! Well, that’s great, but I don’t think I’ll be going. :/ No point in going without a place to stay.

“Stay with us in the house we’re renting!” She says.

Woa! You got it! For the same fees that I was going to pay my last roomie! Ya got a deal! Oh. By the way, one of the contestants is going to be there for a couple nights too. Oooh?

“Is that a problem?” The other roomies ask.

*Gulp* I say, “No. Not at all.”

Not only did I think this particular housemate hot! But, a few days before the trip I was asked to be a judge!

Shyea!! Of course, I took the offer!! This little femme was given the opportunity to sit front and center to critique a bunch of hotness! I’d be a fool to turn that down!

I was getting more stoked by the minute! Every friggin’ mile was another inch closer to butch lovin’!! 😀

Fifteen hours of girl chats, potty breaks and fillin’ up the Cruiser I was ready! Gushing about a certain butch I’ve had my eye on since this whole shindig began. The both of us were really curious to see how she was gonna perform!

“Maybe, you’ll get to snag that butch!.” My femme gals would gush.

I hardly think I’m her type and I seriously believed she could have her pick of any of the femmes there!

Upon arrival we were greeted with one of the handsome bois and another femme. I don’t think there was one butch without manners there! 🙂

One king size bed and three people needing a place to sleep for the night. Hmm what ever should we do?

Have a sexy threesome first night in Florida!!! Duh! 😀

Two femmes and a butch with much to chat about and so tired. We passed out talking. LOL! No sex was happening on that bed. 😉

However, I’m a judge! The original response to my not knowing any of the contestants was starting to get difficult to prove.

The next day, the bois had rehearsal. Tonight was the big night! My fellow Houstonian femme and I had last minute girly things to do. Girly mani/pedi day and shopping!?!? So down!

When we got back to the house. There were cars parked in the driveway and upon entering we were greeted with, “Hello ladies!”

A house full of a few handsome butches and cooking happening in the kitchen!

My having the boi in my head, I bolted in the kitchen to offer to help my new femme pimp out!

“What are you doing in here? I’m practically handing them to you!” Femme Pimp exclaims.

“I’m good.” I was. I had my sights on a particular butch. Even though she turned down Femme Pimp’s invite to come over. I still had hopes. Besides, I felt I had to remain clueless about the contestants. It was a patio with a few of the contestants! Had to keep up my judging duties. There was a little window from the kitchen looking out onto the patio.

It was this perfect family gathering set up. The femmes were in the kitchen. All smiles talking about the bois and listening to their banter. It was another world I had been dying for. Craving!

After my long time of femme self discovery, I had been on the look for others like me. Who saw relationships with similar ideals. Butch and Femme. The Dance. Understanding that we don’t look for women who want to look like men. But, women who carry a strong sense of masculinity. Women who are butch. Women who are comfortable being butch and don’t shun from the title. Femmes who have loved butches. Femmes who are with their butches. Femmes with powerful places in the world. Gals that I can gush about butches and shoes with!

I felt at home. It was a bit of a culture shock.

I was home among these people.

The bois took off early to prepare for the show. Us ladies chilled at home until it was time to get ready. I donned my favorite zebra print cocktail dress, 5″ purple heels, and attacked my crazy hair with the flat iron. Next issue was make up. To apply the hot red lipstick or go without while wearing the smokey eye? Oh the decisions.

Being a single femme, this was like a night out with a group of butches. I had one that I really wanted to catch. So, I had to up the ante on the hottie. With Femme Pimp’s assurance on hot status we were ready to go!

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