I know I have written anything in awhile…but my gawd! I’ve been reading…and the words from my very favorite butch blogger are just damnit sexy!! Dagum butches! Y’all are a sexy piece of work! Thank God for y’all!!

Butch Ramblings

My hands are on your hips. My face is in the nape of your neck. The water from the shower beats down on your skin and on mine, in a cascade of warmth and stimulation. Your skin is soft and warm and I want to melt into you. My lips find your skin and softly touch you, tasting you and leaving loving kisses on your flesh.

I’m completely aware of your breathing. I can feel your chest moving against me and feel your hand reach around me to hold me close to you. Softly, you moan. I reach for the soap and I begin to rub your body with my hands, working-up a lather all over your torso. I can feel the wetness between my legs that is definitely not water. Again, you moan. I want to kiss you all over, worship your body and bring you pleasure like you’ve…

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At Hys Will


I awake in a pitch black room. My hands still bound behind my back. I hear heavy footsteps and clanking down the hallway outside my chamber door.

Creek! Clack! The door opens, blinding my sleepy eyes.

A harsh voice from the doorway calls, “On your knees, Slut.” Continue reading

Looking For A Tough Butch


I met her at the bar this evening. She asked the bartender what I was drinking and it was delivered to me. Typical me, I ask, “Who bought this?”

I’ve had men buy me drinks at the girl bar and have had to be a bitch to them in refusal. Even in the lesbian clubs men still think they have a chance. Continue reading