Lemme Tell Y’all About Bad Ass!


What started as a few Twitter comments and messages has turned into Continue reading

Why You Hiding?


Vulnerable Verbiage has reached over 2,000 followers and getting a lot more readers in one day!! People are starting to comment and message me! It’s exciting and makes me a bit nervous at the same time! I hope to one day Continue reading

Thank You!!

I’m taking a moment to say thank you to all of those who are following Vulnerable Verbiage. A lot of you don’t comment, but I can see that you’re reading.

I appreciate that! 😉

The people on Twitter..it’s a bit difficult to thank every person or group who is following. I’m still learning my way around there!! 😉 But, thank you all for following!! Continue reading

The Pitfalls of Social Networking..

i have been toying with this one for a LONG time now.

myspace (once upon a time), facebook, twitter…who knows what comes next?

though, i partake in these shallow exhibits of socializing….i S Continue reading