Non-Political Lesbian Blogger??



I think that I’m one of the few homo bloggers that refuses to blog about political issues. Continue reading

Pride Season Is Here!!!!




5_single_cupcake_cropI turn 30 this year! I’m one of the few women I know that is sooo ready to turn 30! 30 is gunna rock! Just like this year has been kicking ass so far! I’m looking forward to turning 30!!! Done with my fucking 20’s!! Not to mention all the progress we’ve been making!!! Continue reading

Who is Ex- Hubby?


I’ve been getting several emails wondering why I went from my marriage to Ex-Hubby to dating women. When did I ever state that Ex-Hubby was a man? At what point have I mentioned a name? Which still would not be a good clue  as there are a lot of unisex names and ways to twist a name to better suit the gender rather than one’s genitals. Continue reading