Delirious Verbal Vomit


I had a very informative class on Sunday. I work night-shift and was granted that Saturday night off. Gotta be awake and alert for an eight hour class overloaded with compressed, vital information. After the class, night-shift personnel were allotted time to go home and rest before starting shift. Continue reading

A Week’s Timing!

angry woman screaming on landline phone

Wow! I’ll start with the good news. OK! Sound good? I thought so!! 😉

I get my weekly call from my Dad who tells me our family member is cancer free!!! Cancer fucking free!!! Continue reading

Thank You!!

I’m taking a moment to say thank you to all of those who are following Vulnerable Verbiage. A lot of you don’t comment, but I can see that you’re reading.

I appreciate that! 😉

The people on’s a bit difficult to thank every person or group who is following. I’m still learning my way around there!! 😉 But, thank you all for following!! Continue reading

Trying To Keep The Giddy Girl Loose!

i sat in bed last night TRYING to get to sleep.STILL trying.  i haven’t been able to get a grip on myself since my girlfriend of three years proposed. My sleep, eating and all around routine have been off kilter. i can’t really describe the emotions tied into the proposal itself due to the holiday family Continue reading

Aaaaah Freak Out!!.

hmmm….my writing skills have seriously worn off since i’ve quit doing the old school pen paper routine.

physically…i was weak, my chest hurt & it felt like my blood was about to burst through my skin. sorry for visual if you should have a good imagination. but to be honest…i’ll be slightly proud if that gave you a visual Continue reading