She’s Still Single!!

It has come to my attention many a time through cyberspace that folks (lesbians especially) do not understand dating. I get this one particular question so often it makes me scream. Yes. Scream. To me it’s so fucking obvious. Maybe, because I am femme and these are butches inquiring. Continue reading

No Date..


Well, V.V. tried to give a butch a shot finally. Wanted to go on that date on Tuesday. Shoot pool, dress all cute. Get the first date after a divorce jitters. Wondering what’s acceptable on a first date? Curious how things will flow. Perusing the walk-in closet for my sexiest heels and body complimenting dress. Continue reading

Do Femmes Have Bro Codes?


I have just a couple of things to add before I bombard you with all my observations and experiences on this topic.

One being, Boss’s best bro admitted that she reads my blogs! I’m flattered! Someone I interact with in real life. I hang out with. Reads my blog!! I don’t think I have to go into the actual reason why this bit of info is of importance.

Bro Code! I’m a femme. Continue reading

What I Love About Femmes….

Another guest post y’all! These butches have got a creative side with writing that just makes this girl sit back and smile. And laugh. And feel special about being a femme that gets to see these different aspects of butches! The rest of the world doesn’t get this luxury like we do! They don’t realize how important it is to know these bits and pieces that makes all the different butches in the community. An ode to the ladies from one of the bois! *SWOON* Continue reading

X-Mas With Boss


Welcome back everyone!! Hope you all had a happy holiday!!! Mine was awesome!! I spent Christmas Eve with my mom and siblings. Christmas Day was with my Dad and step family!! Later that day I decided to spend some me time with Boss and friends.

Forgive me if I should get a little lost in thought on this. This is Boss I’m talking about. I’ve crushed on her for years!! Years! Look, I know I said that I’d like to be single for a year. To be perfectly honest. If Boss asked me to be her girlfriend I’d fucking jump on it!!

That’s really lame of me, isn’t it? Continue reading