Delirious Verbal Vomit


I had a very informative class on Sunday. I work night-shift and was granted that Saturday night off. Gotta be awake and alert for an eight hour class overloaded with compressed, vital information. After the class, night-shift personnel were allotted time to go home and rest before starting shift. Continue reading

Bring Me 2013!!


Happy New Years to everyone!!!

This is my most favorite winter holiday!! It’s a time of reflection, resolutions and forgiving old foes.

This is my first New Years alone in five years. I thought the holidays would Continue reading

Does This Make Me Look FAT??

Think back to jr. high. Remember gym class. Standing in the hall of lockers. Surrounded by other girls who are all looking at each other. Wondering…”does she see my FAT legs?” Or whatever other personal flaw you might think of.

My sister used to BEG me to go shopping with her. She is tall, tanned (Italian genetic make-up), the fattest she Continue reading