Y’all Ain’t Done Yet!



I have a certain set of rules when it comes to dating. One rule I’m quite strict on and have even let slide a couple of times in my life is Continue reading

Lemme Tell Y’all About Bad Ass!


What started as a few Twitter comments and messages has turned into Continue reading

Dark Tunnel

My mother. Oh gosh! Has it been psychologically evaluated yet that lesbians have a friggin’ mommy complex? I would buy that theory. I know. Stupid hetero research homos shouldn’t agree to. Sorry, folks. LOL! It’s nothing I’m serious about…just me being frustrated!

I have not been happy in the last several weeks. A few people know about it. And those that do know about it, probably know I should’ve written this instead of going to my comfy dark room! Sorry, for anyone that had to deal with that mess. Thank you, friends for your hugs, counseling, and well Continue reading

The Pitfalls of Social Networking..

i have been toying with this one for a LONG time now.

myspace (once upon a time), facebook, twitter…who knows what comes next?

though, i partake in these shallow exhibits of socializing….i S Continue reading