Insomnia Kills Slowly

Before you read any further, I’d like to warn you that this note is not in any way pleasant. It’s actually pretty damn depressing. This is sad… I am pretty fucking embarrassed as to just how fucking depressing this note may come out. Alas, this is me..being those who apparently care to listen to my psycho babble!

The deal is Continue reading

Our Own Worst Enemies

Hubby and I FINALLY got a kid-free weekend!! Though, the both of us really weren’t in the mood for clubbing this weekend we did it anyways. Correction. I guess I wasn’t really in the mood! I know Continue reading

I’m Just Sayin

could it be that we have lost all manners? oh sweet alcohol..why do you make one feel so good?
someone would say things they normally wouldn’t say. arguments arise that wouldn’t normally erupt?
lol but for me..right now…cold chills. it’s tid bit nippy in this house right now… Continue reading

Farewell 2 Htown

i thought i had missed my city life. i thought i had missed the freedom to go out whenever i want with whoever i want where ever i want. but there was this constant emptiness hanging over my shoulders. its difficult to explain…difficult for me to grasp. everything i thought made me happy before…didn’t this go around. yea i smiled. i laughed. but i cried more than i’ve  Continue reading