Where Is My Mind?


Since the Tarot reading and slipping on the cigs. I’ve been a bit inside my head.

Being told basically the same thing I was told over 10yrs before is Continue reading

Boss Complications

aug2009 fbb esquire2


I’m not sure if I’d call this a fault or not?

I enjoy having a bunch of different people in my life. Sometimes those I’m not too fond of simply for their perspectives on things. I’ve found myself agreeing with some people I don’t really care for. And I’ve disagreed with my best friends. I like people. They intrigue me. They upset me and amuse me. Continue reading

A Femme Friend

Femme Friend

I have a lot of butch friends. And while I adore them all! It gets a bit rough sometimes being just a friend. Bois know what I’m talking about. Y’all go through it all the time! You’re good friends with this really hot femme and you want more. You’re scared to ask for more because you’re such good friends. And there’s always room for rejection.

Rejection Continue reading

I Wanna Quit!




Me thinx I’m done with Boss. I know, seems like everything between us just started again.

I think I’m done. I’ll still be her friend and I do believe I want to leave it at that. Continue reading

Do Femmes Have Bro Codes?


I have just a couple of things to add before I bombard you with all my observations and experiences on this topic.

One being, Boss’s best bro admitted that she reads my blogs! I’m flattered! Someone I interact with in real life. I hang out with. Reads my blog!! I don’t think I have to go into the actual reason why this bit of info is of importance.

Bro Code! I’m a femme. Continue reading