I Ain’t The One and Today Ain’t The Day



I sincerely hope you all had a great holiday. I’d like to think we’re all capable of putting our differences aside during this time of year. Easier said than done. Please try to remember there are many who don’t have or can’t be with family. Continue reading

I Am A Dreamer





Since I’ve made the move to the NorthEast I’ve been wondering about me. The question that has been asked a million times but one that I can never figure it out. It was something so simple. Continue reading

Who Voted On Your Marriage?



*A long time butch friend of mine sent this over to me with permission to post. I know, I’ve stated that I will not get into politics on here. That doesn’t mean I can’t welcome others.. ;)*

Please. Welcome K to the soapbox!


September 21, 1996, Continue reading

Kickin’ Butts


I’ve been neglecting posts. As usual, I have several in the works and I can’t find the time nor the “zone” to get them out!! I’ve been feeling a little A.D.D. for several weeks now. While trying to keep myself from getting depressed. And really trying not Continue reading