I Am A Dreamer





Since I’ve made the move to the NorthEast I’ve been wondering about me. The question that has been asked a million times but one that I can never figure it out. It was something so simple. Continue reading

Who Voted On Your Marriage?



*A long time butch friend of mine sent this over to me with permission to post. I know, I’ve stated that I will not get into politics on here. That doesn’t mean I can’t welcome others.. ;)*

Please. Welcome K to the soapbox!


September 21, 1996, Continue reading

Kickin’ Butts


I’ve been neglecting posts. As usual, I have several in the works and I can’t find the time nor the “zone” to get them out!! I’ve been feeling a little A.D.D. for several weeks now. While trying to keep myself from getting depressed. And really trying not Continue reading