Sick of this Place


PMDD is a mother fucker!!

Here I think I’m going on about my buisiness. Getting out of my rut since my grandmother’s passing. Realized it’s been two months since I’ve hit the gym! Last night Roomie and I went to work out for about an hour. We both thought that working out was going to help. Well folks, Continue reading

I Am A…


Throughout my 30yrs of living I’ve been called everything under the sun because of my attitude and honesty. Popular insults typically thrown at every independent woman… slut, whore, loud mouth, and my most favorite, bitch.

Bitch has never really been one that hit me so hard. Moments when my Continue reading

Creepy Boi!


There have been several blogs advising femmes how to flirt with a butch. I am here, to inform the bois how NOT to behave for a potential girlfriend. Does anyone recall “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” This is my blog as to how to lose a less than that! Continue reading

Who’s My Hubby??

i know i haven’t mentioned much wedding stuff lately. or written much of anything at all. sorry, to those of you who actually follow this shit. LOL

to put it bluntly. “giddy girl” left this house, town, stole the car, all Continue reading