Grips from Society


Please do not misunderstand this post. I don’t have any issues with trans-people. I’ve noticed the transformation from the outside as well as in. This is not a post to deter anyone from T nor promote. Just a wondering mind. Purely interpretive. Hypothetical.  Continue reading

Y’all Ain’t Done Yet!



I have a certain set of rules when it comes to dating. One rule I’m quite strict on and have even let slide a couple of times in my life is Continue reading

Techno Sex

As much as I can’t stand that most of today’s communication is through the internet and exchanging of numbers. I’ve found ways that I actually enjoy it. I enjoy the not knowing for certain if a butch online is going to be able to do me right! Wondering what their voice sounds like after several exchanges of emails. Having my own picture in my head how they’d look at me while fucking me. That initial slip of their cock inside my dripping pussy. After a few imaginary strokes..what would they say to me? And at what part of my body are they saying it to? Is it in my ear, soft breath on my Continue reading