Switch? Which Switch?


I began a process. The attempt to shut Crush out of my system. What would typically require just a couple of days without talking. I needed something stronger than absence.

I’ve willingly, unknowingly, comfortably Continue reading

How We Do..



I come home from work to my teal, v-neck, poplin dress laid out on the bed. Beside it a pair of thigh highs with the line up the back and my pink lace garter belt set.

Such an outfit this late at night?

I don’t hear or see you in the house. Can’t recall your car in the driveway? I shrug. Guess I’ll hit the shower. It’s been a day.

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Where Is My Mind?


Since the Tarot reading and slipping on the cigs. I’ve been a bit inside my head.

Being told basically the same thing I was told over 10yrs before is Continue reading

Listen Carefully. I Need You…


I want.

What I need.

I want you to sneak up behind me without making a sound. I want you to wrap your fingers around Continue reading

Open Relationships May be the Way to Go

There are so  many times I say this to a butch and for some reason they all seem to think that I just need to find the right butch.

What if it has nothing to do with finding the right butch. There was a time in my life where I thought that I did find the right butch. We all know how that turned out. I thought I was happy. That it was absolutely ridiculous Continue reading

Dance With Me

I imagine. Blissfully. A cool, thundering, rainy evening. Rain drops clinging on the window pane outside my window. I have ear buds with calming, blues music playing in my head. But, I can still hear the thunder rolling outside. Flashes of lightening skip through the curtains. With the lightening and thunder come the soft thoughts.

I’m wishing there was a handsome butch gazing at me as I write this. I smile back at her. Blushing almost. She Continue reading