Boss Complications

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I’m not sure if I’d call this a fault or not?

I enjoy having a bunch of different people in my life. Sometimes those I’m not too fond of simply for their perspectives on things. I’ve found myself agreeing with some people I don’t really care for. And I’ve disagreed with my best friends. I like people. They intrigue me. They upset me and amuse me. Continue reading

She’s Not My Type..





I’ve had this acquaintance on Facebook for a good while. Never thought much of her. Just another butch noticing a single gal. Big whoop, right?

So, yea, I kinda blew her off. Continue reading

My Evening Ritual


Well to y’all it is morning. However, when I get home from work I literally tear off all my clothes and fall into bed. Sometimes I can go right to sleep and others…well…I have a special Continue reading