Now! I Treasure My Independence!


I’ve been struggling over this blog for quite some time. I know that sex sells with the erotica blogs. However, the title isn’t Vulnerable Verbiage for nothing. I don’t want to indulge on the slushy black hole I buried myself into. That’s back tracking from the success I’ve gained.

I’ve heard from a few people that they’ve experienced the same controlling issues from their ex girlfriends after breaking up. Continue reading

To the Haters





I’m one of those people that doesn’t just believe anything that’s told to me. One particular woman has informed me about another friend of mine being a player. That she cheats on all her girlfriend’s. The only thought that came to my mind was, “This affects me how?”

Let’s remember that I have no desire to have another girlfriend. I have a Continue reading

Fuck This Shit!!

break ups fucking suck!! almost 5yrs! 5 damn years that we’re on a constant downward spiral!! why the hell am i missing her so much?? people ask what the hell did i do as a fucking housewife? ya know that’s what i couldn’t stand the most! being asked what i did all day. it was embarrassing to say that i was this fucking maid bitch!! even though deep down i knew it wasn’t for me. i just wanted us to work. Continue reading

Insomnia Kills Slowly

Before you read any further, I’d like to warn you that this note is not in any way pleasant. It’s actually pretty damn depressing. This is sad… I am pretty fucking embarrassed as to just how fucking depressing this note may come out. Alas, this is me..being those who apparently care to listen to my psycho babble!

The deal is Continue reading