How We Do..



I come home from work to my teal, v-neck, poplin dress laid out on the bed. Beside it a pair of thigh highs with the line up the back and my pink lace garter belt set.

Such an outfit this late at night?

I don’t hear or see you in the house. Can’t recall your car in the driveway? I shrug. Guess I’ll hit the shower. It’s been a day.

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Confessions Of A Sexual Freak (The Series)

*Ahem* Legs are spread….

Wet From A Shower

The best thing about lesbian sex is that women can go at for what feels like forever…

enjoying orgasm after orgasm…

where I would be doing the driving…


Unless you’re a Sexual freak like me… you can never fully understand what it feels like to have a woman helplessly under your control…. how it feels to feed on her vulnerability and fear… knowing you can do anything you want to her… with your selfish pleasure…being your only guide… the extreme desires of my cock dominating fulfilled by the tight pussy of a woman who has been forced to submit to me… blindfolded and or tied up leaving her with no options… and good sexual yet physical abuse breaking her body and will… to a point where excitement and fear of the inevitable is all that is left to her… I can cum so hard from using my cock on her…

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