It’s Still There..



I’m going about my business. Prepping for the move to The Mom’s. Crush had made a new friend and was getting to know her. It seemed like our phone time was. Um. Getting cut short.

The way she talked about this chick. The more I knew it was becoming more than just friends. Thus, Continue reading





I feel like I’ve unintentionally neglected this baby. Not for lack of many attempts to sit and write. I’m usually at work on the computer. When I get the urge to type a thought? A call comes in. When said call is finished? I look through my pictures of her.  Continue reading

I Fear You.

mental prison

I’m blogging to learn how to unleash. For me to constantly practice vulnerability. I can tell anyone anything about my life. Omit the emotions and whys. Fact is, I feel a ton of shit all the fucking time! Just don’t see a point in discussing it.

I’m a firm believer in, “Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!” Continue reading

Testing..1..2..3. Is This Thing On?



I had started this blog while I was a housewife with Ex-Hubby. I wanted somewhere to vent. I believe I managed to put out like two blogs and then we/I had called it quits.  Continue reading

Where Is My Mind?


Since the Tarot reading and slipping on the cigs. I’ve been a bit inside my head.

Being told basically the same thing I was told over 10yrs before is Continue reading