No Date..


Well, V.V. tried to give a butch a shot finally. Wanted to go on that date on Tuesday. Shoot pool, dress all cute. Get the first date after a divorce jitters. Wondering what’s acceptable on a first date? Curious how things will flow. Perusing the walk-in closet for my sexiest heels and body complimenting dress. Continue reading

X-Mas With Boss


Welcome back everyone!! Hope you all had a happy holiday!!! Mine was awesome!! I spent Christmas Eve with my mom and siblings. Christmas Day was with my Dad and step family!! Later that day I decided to spend some me time with Boss and friends.

Forgive me if I should get a little lost in thought on this. This is Boss I’m talking about. I’ve crushed on her for years!! Years! Look, I know I said that I’d like to be single for a year. To be perfectly honest. If Boss asked me to be her girlfriend I’d fucking jump on it!!

That’s really lame of me, isn’t it? Continue reading

Boi Trouble!

I had intended to type out the second part to “At Hys Will.” Wouldn’t ya know it? My mind goes elsewhere! You’d think it’d go someplace more erotic, exotic and exciting. But, nooooo!!! I have it written!! Just need to type it out! 😉

Every once in awhile my brain goes all emotional and shit!! 😛 Continue reading

Who’s My Hubby??

i know i haven’t mentioned much wedding stuff lately. or written much of anything at all. sorry, to those of you who actually follow this shit. LOL

to put it bluntly. “giddy girl” left this house, town, stole the car, all Continue reading

Trying To Keep The Giddy Girl Loose!

i sat in bed last night TRYING to get to sleep.STILL trying.  i haven’t been able to get a grip on myself since my girlfriend of three years proposed. My sleep, eating and all around routine have been off kilter. i can’t really describe the emotions tied into the proposal itself due to the holiday family Continue reading

Aaaaah Freak Out!!.

hmmm….my writing skills have seriously worn off since i’ve quit doing the old school pen paper routine.

physically…i was weak, my chest hurt & it felt like my blood was about to burst through my skin. sorry for visual if you should have a good imagination. but to be honest…i’ll be slightly proud if that gave you a visual Continue reading