Y’all Ain’t Done Yet!



I have a certain set of rules when it comes to dating. One rule I’m quite strict on and have even let slide a couple of times in my life is Continue reading

The Wal Mart Psychic


Roomie and I were running errands after I got out of class. We had to get a few things from Wal Mart. At some point we split up in the store and I was browsing for some new bed sheets. While doing so, a woman walks by the isle and turns back around to come talk to me. She asked if I believe in readings and it took me a little off guard. Continue reading

Friends With Benefits

Ya know you’ve had one or two..three perhaps. 😉

More? Ya dirty, dirty whore! Just Kidding!! 🙂

Fuck buddy, could be another term for some. For me, this has usually happened with someone who was a friend. We had a crazy drunk night, slept together, thought nothing of it, and decided to make it a regular thing. Without really ever saying anything. The difference, now a days, is that we meet a wide Continue reading

Femme Vs. Femme

I joke about being jealous. It’s funny to me. My Hubby doesn’t like me joking about it….so I have experienced some jealousy through our years. I DO feel I have experienced the same femme vs. femme situations.

C’mon. Some of us girlies Soooo know what I’m talking about, right? I know that there are different levels of femmes. Some of Continue reading