V.V. M.I.A.


Unbeknownst to me, I’ve taken a leap off the social network globe. It all started when my phone broke. I refused to go through insurance again. Dropping dough on a phone for a provider I was ending my contract with. So, Facebook, Twitter & WordPress no longer a fingertip away. At first, I was a little Continue reading

Quick Thought On Want vs. Need & Control



It’s been a constant struggle. I graduated high school, kicked off adulthood like a boss. Managed to keep jobs, struggle with friendships, dating and jobs. Ran through cars, had some financial bumps I hopped right over. Continue reading

Crush in Person



Other femme dealt . Drama done with. Relationship figured out. Flight booked. Bags packed and getting antsy to finally meet this constant butch in my life! Finally!

3 years! 3 years we have been best friends!! Now a couple. This lovey, dovey, mushy as fuck couple. Continue reading

Grips from Society


Please do not misunderstand this post. I don’t have any issues with trans-people. I’ve noticed the transformation from the outside as well as in. This is not a post to deter anyone from T nor promote. Just a wondering mind. Purely interpretive. Hypothetical.  Continue reading