My Best Friend’s Girlfriend


Are you singing? You should be singing the friggin’ song!! ;)

Super old question that stirs all kinds of consideration!! Sets both if not all parties in awkward positions. I love it. Everyone has their own perspective on the topic of Continue reading

Dinner Surprise!



Rather than packing up our short week bouncing from one friend’s house to another. We decided to have everyone over for dinner! This way we can have our time. Crush showing me around her city, chill time at home. To give me an idea Continue reading

V.V. M.I.A.


Unbeknownst to me, I’ve taken a leap off the social network globe. It all started when my phone broke. I refused to go through insurance again. Dropping dough on a phone for a provider I was ending my contract with. So, Facebook, Twitter & WordPress no longer a fingertip away. At first, I was a little Continue reading

Quick Thought On Want vs. Need & Control



It’s been a constant struggle. I graduated high school, kicked off adulthood like a boss. Managed to keep jobs, struggle with friendships, dating and jobs. Ran through cars, had some financial bumps I hopped right over. Continue reading