Who is Ex- Hubby?


I’ve been getting several emails wondering why I went from my marriage to Ex-Hubby to dating women. When did I ever state that Ex-Hubby was a man? At what point have I mentioned a name? Which still would not be a good clue  as there are a lot of unisex names and ways to twist a name to better suit the gender rather than one’s genitals. Continue reading

Now! I Treasure My Independence!


I’ve been struggling over this blog for quite some time. I know that sex sells with the erotica blogs. However, the title isn’t Vulnerable Verbiage for nothing. I don’t want to indulge on the slushy black hole I buried myself into. That’s back tracking from the success I’ve gained.

I’ve heard from a few people that they’ve experienced the same controlling issues from their ex girlfriends after breaking up. Continue reading

“Take A Break, Babe”

This morning driving into Houston with my father I started to feel it. This particular *ping* has stung me before and went away. With the cups of coffee, cigarettes and an hour and half bike ride through the woods! Without my morning rides, lately, this *ping* is stickin’ around longer than I’d like.

I used to wake up at 4:30AM to drive my X to and from work. Night or day shift. I’d wake up to her putting on her FRC’s. I’d say, “Good morning, Honey.” And we’d smile at each other wishing we could just lay in our comfy bed. Continue reading

Happy 4th of July! The Best Day Ever!


While everyone else is getting wasted and enjoying their BBQ. I was doing yard work with my dad trying to subside the sadness that comes with breaking up with a child.

Today was my step son’s 12th birthday. He’s Continue reading