Sick of this Place


PMDD is a mother fucker!!

Here I think I’m going on about my buisiness. Getting out of my rut since my grandmother’s passing. Realized it’s been two months since I’ve hit the gym! Last night Roomie and I went to work out for about an hour. We both thought that working out was going to help. Well folks, Continue reading

Delirious Verbal Vomit


I had a very informative class on Sunday. I work night-shift and was granted that Saturday night off. Gotta be awake and alert for an eight hour class overloaded with compressed, vital information. After the class, night-shift personnel were allotted time to go home and rest before starting shift. Continue reading

Why You Hiding?


Vulnerable Verbiage has reached over 2,000 followers and getting a lot more readers in one day!! People are starting to comment and message me! It’s exciting and makes me a bit nervous at the same time! I hope to one day Continue reading

Vulnerable Verbiage is in LOVE!!

The Statue of Liberty and Manhattan Skyline

Yes. It’s true. V.V has fallen head over heels in love!! Granted she’s a little on the high maintenance side. However, she’s perfect for me! She’s incredibly handsome and at the same time the most beautiful experience I’ve ever encountered! Her name is… Continue reading

A Week’s Timing!

angry woman screaming on landline phone

Wow! I’ll start with the good news. OK! Sound good? I thought so!! 😉

I get my weekly call from my Dad who tells me our family member is cancer free!!! Cancer fucking free!!! Continue reading