I read somewhere that if you have to question if something is racist. It probably is. Hmm.

Because it is such a touchy subject. I’ll try to proceed with caution. If you’re reading be aware that I did mention that I’ll try to proceed with caution.

I’m human. You’re human. We’re all human and terribly flawed. Continue reading





I feel like I’ve unintentionally neglected this baby. Not for lack of many attempts to sit and write. I’m usually at work on the computer. When I get the urge to type a thought? A call comes in. When said call is finished? I look through my pictures of her.  Continue reading

She’s Still Single!!

It has come to my attention many a time through cyberspace that folks (lesbians especially) do not understand dating. I get this one particular question so often it makes me scream. Yes. Scream. To me it’s so fucking obvious. Maybe, because I am femme and these are butches inquiring. Continue reading

Y’all Ain’t Done Yet!



I have a certain set of rules when it comes to dating. One rule I’m quite strict on and have even let slide a couple of times in my life is Continue reading

Does Independence Equal Dominance?


Thus changing attraction? Or in my case. My own lesbian sexuality?

As I grow more independent. I fail to see myself with a Continue reading

Boss Complications

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I’m not sure if I’d call this a fault or not?

I enjoy having a bunch of different people in my life. Sometimes those I’m not too fond of simply for their perspectives on things. I’ve found myself agreeing with some people I don’t really care for. And I’ve disagreed with my best friends. I like people. They intrigue me. They upset me and amuse me. Continue reading