Doc at the Wedding




The Doctor began to stress over what she was going to wear. Such short notice and all. Apparently, she really didn’t like long sleeves or button downs. All she had in her closet were polo shirts and some old blazers/sports jackets. I offered this particular date to be a date for shopping.

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I feel like I’ve unintentionally neglected this baby. Not for lack of many attempts to sit and write. I’m usually at work on the computer. When I get the urge to type a thought? A call comes in. When said call is finished? I look through my pictures of her.  Continue reading

Doctor Dud



*Don’t y’all just love my late posting habits!?!?*


It is a regular past time of mine to flag Craigslist hookers and housewives. It’s funny reading their ridiculous pleas for pussy.

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Lemme Tell Y’all About Bad Ass!


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