I Fear You.

mental prison

I’m blogging to learn how to unleash. For me to constantly practice vulnerability. I can tell anyone anything about my life. Omit the emotions and whys. Fact is, I feel a ton of shit all the fucking time! Just don’t see a point in discussing it.

I’m a firm believer in, “Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!” Continue reading

Vomiting Without The Vino




I keep coming back here wanting to write my last post about Florida. I can’t get to it. I also have this sentence incessantly running through my head: “I’m with child.Continue reading

My PMDD is Worse Than Your PMS!


I’ve slacked a few days on my PMDD medicine. Well, I could dish out a million different excuses and I’m sure to find a rebuttal to those excuses! And here you have a glimpse into my PMDD. I’m a mess of a million thoughts.


UGH! Continue reading

X-Mas With Boss


Welcome back everyone!! Hope you all had a happy holiday!!! Mine was awesome!! I spent Christmas Eve with my mom and siblings. Christmas Day was with my Dad and step family!! Later that day I decided to spend some me time with Boss and friends.

Forgive me if I should get a little lost in thought on this. This is Boss I’m talking about. I’ve crushed on her for years!! Years! Look, I know I said that I’d like to be single for a year. To be perfectly honest. If Boss asked me to be her girlfriend I’d fucking jump on it!!

That’s really lame of me, isn’t it? Continue reading

Bring Me 2013!!


Happy New Years to everyone!!!

This is my most favorite winter holiday!! It’s a time of reflection, resolutions and forgiving old foes.

This is my first New Years alone in five years. I thought the holidays would Continue reading