Unintentional Resolutions


I think, I might have posted before regarding New Year’s and my thoughts on resolutions. I don’t believe in Continue reading

Sick of this Place


PMDD is a mother fucker!!

Here I think I’m going on about my buisiness. Getting out of my rut since my grandmother’s passing. Realized it’s been two months since I’ve hit the gym! Last night Roomie and I went to work out for about an hour. We both thought that working out was going to help. Well folks, Continue reading

Delirious Verbal Vomit


I had a very informative class on Sunday. I work night-shift and was granted that Saturday night off. Gotta be awake and alert for an eight hour class overloaded with compressed, vital information. After the class, night-shift personnel were allotted time to go home and rest before starting shift. Continue reading

Why You Hiding?


Vulnerable Verbiage has reached over 2,000 followers and getting a lot more readers in one day!! People are starting to comment and message me! It’s exciting and makes me a bit nervous at the same time! I hope to one day Continue reading