BFF’s Forever!



Let me start this by saying that I absolutely love my job! I work ten hour days noon to 10PM with three days off! Ya heard right! Continue reading

The Pitfalls of Social Networking..

i have been toying with this one for a LONG time now.

myspace (once upon a time), facebook, twitter…who knows what comes next?

though, i partake in these shallow exhibits of socializing….i S Continue reading

Struggles of a Femme Lesbian


When I was a wee little girl I played with my Barbies and enjoyed wearing dresses. I threw a fit if my mother didn’t allow my favorite doll in a picture. I was a girl. I did the girlie things. Except playing house…I was never a fan of that one. I usually played the neighbor. Occasionally, I would step out of my “femininity” and play with building blocks, Legos was a favorite, race cars on the living room rug, or pretend to be comic book characters with my brothers and cousin. I was the bad-ass Rogue from Continue reading