Who is Ex- Hubby?


I’ve been getting several emails wondering why I went from my marriage to Ex-Hubby to dating women. When did I ever state that Ex-Hubby was a man? At what point have I mentioned a name? Which still would not be a good clue  as there are a lot of unisex names and ways to twist a name to better suit the gender rather than one’s genitals. Continue reading

A Femme Friend

Femme Friend

I have a lot of butch friends. And while I adore them all! It gets a bit rough sometimes being just a friend. Bois know what I’m talking about. Y’all go through it all the time! You’re good friends with this really hot femme and you want more. You’re scared to ask for more because you’re such good friends. And there’s always room for rejection.

Rejection Continue reading

To the Haters





I’m one of those people that doesn’t just believe anything that’s told to me. One particular woman has informed me about another friend of mine being a player. That she cheats on all her girlfriend’s. The only thought that came to my mind was, “This affects me how?”

Let’s remember that I have no desire to have another girlfriend. I have a Continue reading

Blame It On The Juice



I have a friend that I get to hang out with quite sporadically. When she’s in town we might try to get together. And since the beginning of our friendship, whenever my work schedule allowed us. For anonymity purpose we’ll call her, Boss. I knew her a bit before I even met Ex-Hubby. We met at a local bar years ago and have somehow always stayed in touch. Continue reading

Dark Tunnel

My mother. Oh gosh! Has it been psychologically evaluated yet that lesbians have a friggin’ mommy complex? I would buy that theory. I know. Stupid hetero research homos shouldn’t agree to. Sorry, folks. LOL! It’s nothing I’m serious about…just me being frustrated!

I have not been happy in the last several weeks. A few people know about it. And those that do know about it, probably know I should’ve written this instead of going to my comfy dark room! Sorry, for anyone that had to deal with that mess. Thank you, friends for your hugs, counseling, and well Continue reading

Who’s My Hubby??

i know i haven’t mentioned much wedding stuff lately. or written much of anything at all. sorry, to those of you who actually follow this shit. LOL

to put it bluntly. “giddy girl” left this house, town, stole the car, all Continue reading