N.Y.E. at Butchlesque!


The night we’ve all been waiting for has come! Femmes and butches acting like it’s Spring Break 2013 before this big night!

The awesome began the moment I got out of my car and started walking toward the casino ballroom. Outside were a few butches puffing on their cigarettes. Looking as sharp as ever in their suits. Looking HOT, all the femme and butches enter the Gulfport Casino Ballroom!

Excitement started early as an ambulance and EMT’s showed up upon our arrival! One of the butches had fallen over outside. I knew her partner through mutual friends and groups on Facebook. We had no clue what had happened. H-Town Femme had just introduced herself to this butch and she fell over. This was a constant concern throughout the evening.

“Have ya heard any updates?” “How is the femme doing?”

My ticket in hand and in line. Eager to meet the gorgeous hostess! I’m judging and had a million questions running through my head! Wasn’t expecting her to be at the door taking tickets and giving out wristbands.

 She seems busy. I wont bug her. I thought.

She scans my ticket. Takes a minute. I’m smiling observing her realization. She peers over her glasses, “Oh my God! Come around and give me a hug!”

Big, femme love hugs!! Might I add, this hostess is one sexy as hell femme! Rock it, woman!

She told me to wait to be called on and the instructions were at the judges table.

WOA! Wow! And a humina humina!

The energy of butch filled this ballroom. Sexy, fierce femme aroma trailed the walk ways. It was all so unreal. I couldn’t believe I was there! I couldn’t believe I was judging! Once we figured out where we were gonna sit, I immediately was on the hunt for my Jersey Mama! When we found each other we gave a each other a big hug! Caught up a bit and met her handsome partner. These two looked amazing together! Dynamic couple!

I located one femme who has been an avid follower for some time. She’s also a mutual friend of this butch I’ve been talking to. Not really romantic “talking.” Don’t get your hopes up!

Side note: I realize I’m posting this extremely late! None of the butches discussed involved with N.Y.E have anything to do with the current butch I’ve been gushing about lately. 😉 That post is on it’s way, I promise! I’m pretty excited too! 😀

While meeting and greeting with this femme and her butch. The one that my friends and I have been talking about was walking over.

Deep breaths, V.V. Deep breaths. I didn’t realize how tall she was! Yay for 5″ stilettos! They were mingling to help get their votes.


Loud music booms from the speakers and suddenly butch swagger is making way to the stage. Everyone else is either dancing or rushing to their seats. Ours was front row on right side of the stage.

Shake your butchie booties! Yea!

And they did! They all looked like they were having a blast!

Daddy Mack, Aviator, Ryder Hard and many others just gettin’ the crowd all kinds of excited! Well done bois! 😉

An introduction about the wonderful host and hostess Butch/Femme couple! The purpose of the show; embracing butch visibility. That I did! I was enthralled!

Butchlesque is my personal Femme Heaven!

Kim was pleased to announce that there were so many attendees from all over the country. Some traveled from California, New York and Texas to Florida! Then, she introduced the judges. Calling me first. My stomach flipped!

I did not vomit! I just wasn’t expecting to be the first one called on! She told me to sit front and center and you bet your sweet ass I took the middle seat. Front and center, indeed! My friends at the table were shocked as hell that I was called on to judge. Femme Pimp was so shocked I didn’t say anything to her. Jersey Mama was a proud mama.

Mmm! Let this show begin! Fuck! It was awesome! The two other judges and I were scrambling with scoring. It was the most difficult task of the night. I’d so do it again!

These bois struttin’ their version of Beef Cake and Dapper butch on the stage.

I hope it’s alright to say this. Sitting front and center; it felt like my own personal butch dance! Coming to the center of the stage, unbuckling their belts, taking off their shirts or cracking a whip. Boi Papi swaggered to the front and just whipped out her handcuffs. So tall above me with aviators on and in a police outfit. I was intimidated for sure!

In a good way. 😉

As a femme, this was amazing! While dating butches would get upset when I’d check out another butch. It wasn’t always in a sense of wanting that butch. It was more in admiration. Yes. She was probably hot. Yet, mostly, it was solely for eye candy purposes.

Butches can walk out the door and there are women they can be attracted to at every turn. And attraction doesn’t always have to lead to a relationship or a fuck. It is just eye candy. As a femme, butches are few and far between on our local streets. Unless, you live in some major gay friendly city with a high B/F community. For that, I’m insanely jealous of you! LOL!

You understand what I’m getting at here? Y’all can go to strip clubs and enjoy the fantasy that is the strip club. We femmes don’t really have that. Butchlesque gave me that.

Those butches on the stage doing their own thing. Their own interpretation of butch. Flaunting their identity was hot! Even if your type of butch wasn’t up there! One can’t help themselves but act like a teeny bopper at the latest Justin Bieber concert!

Seriously, that’s exactly what it looked like! All these hot femmes ready to throw themselves on these bois. It was stellar!

At the judges table? We didn’t want to appear to be favoring one over the other. We all agreed that keeping our cool was ideal. Mmm resistance and discipline at it’s best!

When the show was over everyone was free to mingle and dance. I had a few dances with a couple of nice butches. Someone had told me that I don’t have to dance with everyone who asks me. But, I want to dance. In my opinion it’s just a dance. When the dance is over I can go back to my table.

I didn’t see the one we were all going crazy about anywhere after the show?

I had stepped outside to mingle and smoke. I noticed Jersey Mama’s partner outside lookin’ a little stressed. Mama left the casino to pick up the couple who left in the beginning. The butch who fell, remember? Daddy Mack was sincerely looking forward to the big N.Y.E kiss with Jersey Mama. They didn’t get to spend much time as couple because she was in the show. So, they really wanted that kiss.

Low and behold! A little bit before this super sexy femme is walking in a zone to the entrance. Daddy Mack and her embrace each other all kinds of relieved that she made it.

I almost cried. The butch who fell earlier was safe and well. Her and her femme were going to be able to make the big kiss! Jersey Mama and Daddy Mack. The night was perfect again with these couples!

When the clock struck midnight all the couples scurried to the dance floor for their big New Year’s Eve kiss. I got up too. Yet, when I made it the floor I had no clue what I was doing there. Felt like being in the middle of an orgy you weren’t invited to. Not that everyone was shoving their tongue down each other’s throats.

Ya know what I mean? Single people? Ya feel me? Off to my table I chilled.

And then it was over. Yawning and ready for bed.

Single or coupled. This is how New Year’s Eve was meant to be. In my opinion. A big event, surrounded by great people, good friends, eye candy, dancing and leaving exhausted. Perfection.

Those who attended feel free to add your own account of the night. My most memorable moments was judging and witnessing Daddy Mack and Jersey Mama reunited just in time.

Actually smiling as I look back at that moment right now. 🙂




5 thoughts on “N.Y.E. at Butchlesque!

  1. What a great write-up! I really enjoyed meeting you and so many other friends I had met through FB. In my opinion, Butchlesque was a big part of what made NYE my BEST ever.


  2. Ria- It was like something out of a friggin’ movie watching you storm up to the entrance to get to Daddy Mack. Romance, Baby! 😉 Love you two!

    Agreed, Wendi! It was the absolute best NYE I’ve ever had! A yearly tradition in the works!


  3. I so hate that I could not make it! I will be there next year come hell or high water! And I love reading about all the fun I missed and living vicariously thru my femme crush. LOL


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