After The Sludge



I really hate P.M.D.D. Like, really! This episode was ugh!

See what had happen was..*Smirk* I pulled my back while doing lunges. My knee had been killin’ me for some reason. Pain. Gettin’ old and pain. Posture is everything during your core exercises. 😉

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I Fear You.

mental prison

I’m blogging to learn how to unleash. For me to constantly practice vulnerability. I can tell anyone anything about my life. Omit the emotions and whys. Fact is, I feel a ton of shit all the fucking time! Just don’t see a point in discussing it.

I’m a firm believer in, “Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!” Continue reading

Sick of this Place


PMDD is a mother fucker!!

Here I think I’m going on about my buisiness. Getting out of my rut since my grandmother’s passing. Realized it’s been two months since I’ve hit the gym! Last night Roomie and I went to work out for about an hour. We both thought that working out was going to help. Well folks, Continue reading