Testing..1..2..3. Is This Thing On?



I had started this blog while I was a housewife with Ex-Hubby. I wanted somewhere to vent. I believe I managed to put out like two blogs and then we/I had called it quits.  Continue reading

Do Femmes Have Bro Codes?


I have just a couple of things to add before I bombard you with all my observations and experiences on this topic.

One being, Boss’s best bro admitted that she reads my blogs! I’m flattered! Someone I interact with in real life. I hang out with. Reads my blog!! I don’t think I have to go into the actual reason why this bit of info is of importance.

Bro Code! I’m a femme. Continue reading

Bring Me 2013!!


Happy New Years to everyone!!!

This is my most favorite winter holiday!! It’s a time of reflection, resolutions and forgiving old foes.

This is my first New Years alone in five years. I thought the holidays would Continue reading

Christmas Is On It’s Micro Way!!

Surface with Windows RT!!!

I’m on nights and the best commercials come on at this hour!! Yes…commercials while having an open, frustrating laptop is not! I repeat NOT a good thing!!

I have been bitching Continue reading

Miss. Understood

I’ve been told by a few close butch friends of mine that I ‘m sending out mixed signals with my blogs. When I think I’m coming out crystal clear…people are always gunna read what they want, anyway. At any rate, Continue reading

Femme Vs. Femme

I joke about being jealous. It’s funny to me. My Hubby doesn’t like me joking about it….so I have experienced some jealousy through our years. I DO feel I have experienced the same femme vs. femme situations.

C’mon. Some of us girlies Soooo know what I’m talking about, right? I know that there are different levels of femmes. Some of Continue reading