Listen Carefully. I Need You…


I want.

What I need.

I want you to sneak up behind me without making a sound. I want you to wrap your fingers around Continue reading


As I’m sure most of you have guessed. I’m quite intrigued with the world of BDSM. For as much as I have read, fantasized and played into this world. I have through the years, wanted to dig deeper Continue reading

Aaaaah Freak Out!!.

hmmm….my writing skills have seriously worn off since i’ve quit doing the old school pen paper routine.

physically…i was weak, my chest hurt & it felt like my blood was about to burst through my skin. sorry for visual if you should have a good imagination. but to be honest…i’ll be slightly proud if that gave you a visual Continue reading

I’m Just Sayin

could it be that we have lost all manners? oh sweet alcohol..why do you make one feel so good?
someone would say things they normally wouldn’t say. arguments arise that wouldn’t normally erupt?
lol but for me..right now…cold chills. it’s tid bit nippy in this house right now… Continue reading