OKCupid Quiz!


No! No! No! V.V. has not signed up to a dating site!! I’m quite weary of dating sites. I joined one shortly after Ex-Hubby and I broke up. Thinking I’d meet some friends Continue reading

Femme Vs. Femme

I joke about being jealous. It’s funny to me. My Hubby doesn’t like me joking about it….so I have experienced some jealousy through our years. I DO feel I have experienced the same femme vs. femme situations.

C’mon. Some of us girlies Soooo know what I’m talking about, right? I know that there are different levels of femmes. Some of Continue reading

Separation of Parent & ADULT Child

i know that as a step-parent i may never really empathize with a  biological parent the complexity that is “you’ll always be my baby”  here’s what’s sad y’all. we are not always gunna be a baby!

the  animal kingdom has got it right. once, them babies can fly, walk, or  crawl…they can leave the nest. it’s every animal or bug for itself. i  know this sounds soo damn heartless. let me finish.

don’t  tell me that none of y’all experience your parents still talking to you  like  Continue reading

The Pitfalls of Social Networking..

i have been toying with this one for a LONG time now.

myspace (once upon a time), facebook, twitter…who knows what comes next?

though, i partake in these shallow exhibits of socializing….i S Continue reading