Booty Calls, Boi Toys & Players! Oh My!

Friends with Benefits, One Night Stands and Booty Calls are just that. Their title is explicit and exclusively just as stated! This applies to every sexual orientation and every gender! 

Do not expect them to buy you dinner or drinks unless they offer to. If you’re the one wanting to keep things on a strictly sexual level? Don’t fucking offer! You’re confusing things!

No. I’m not trying to help a bro or sistah out. I am, however, sick of people who aren’t ready for a relationship getting a bad name after they’ve verbalized this about themselves so clearly. 

Been there. Done that. Doesn’t make them a bad person or even a player. They’re just not the one for you…possibly for now. Who knows what the future holds? And that statement is NOT to get your hopes up that YOU can be the one who can change their “evil bachelor ways.”


Stop hoping. Stop dreaming. For the love of god stop expecting

That booty call will not call you nor introduce you as girlfriend. Assuming they’d ever have or give an opportunity to introduce you! Because y’all are just booty calls!

You’re not dating! You’re not going to meet the parents or friends or each other’s exes! So stop.

She’s not going to get you cute little presents to let you know she’s thinking of you. The only text message you’ll get is around bar hours asking which one you’re at so y’all can meet for a drink before moving onto your house. Probably not their house…Assuming you go to a house… Back seats will suffice in these situations.

Should you agree to being the booty to their call? This isn’t beneath you. You’ve agreed to it. You’re grown and are capable of making your own decisions. You’re making the conscious observation that you have needs too! 

I’m not denying that players exist! I’m certainly not gonna give them a break. I think they’re dirty deceitful assholes! The difference between a player and one who is your booty call or one night stand is that there is clear communication that your calls are exactly what they are. FWBs play with your pussy while players fuck with your heart!

A player will let you believe that you’re the only one she’s got her eyes on. As she’s texting the same thing to another woman! She will get you to like/love her. And she will meet the parents who will love her too. They’re sneaky and deceitful.

Know the difference! And stop expecting much from either!

Your one night stand is not going to be much of anything to you once you have them away from alcohol or the bar scene. You met her at the bar, after a few drinks..the back seat of your car or the bathroom stall was sufficient. It should be pretty fucking clear where you stand with each other. Exchange numbers if you like..because it was that good of a time. But, don’t expect a date. Expect to be last call! 

Am I saying that all of this is acceptable? Players? No! Not at all! They’re everything that is wrong in the world of dating. They’re not hot, cute or any of that!

The ones who make clear their intentions? You’re FWB, booty call, one night stand, boitoy, fuck buddy, fuck boi. They’re OK in my book for the simple fact that they make themselves clear. They make it very obvious that they’re not looking for anything serious! If you’re wanting serious or exclusive? Return the favor by communicating that fact. Otherwise, I consider you a sort of player. You’re going in with alterier motives.

Just don’t! STOP! That’s how you ignite that stupid, eye rolling mess we call drama