I Am A…


Throughout my 30yrs of living I’ve been called everything under the sun because of my attitude and honesty. Popular insults typically thrown at every independent woman… slut, whore, loud mouth, and my most favorite, bitch.

Bitch has never really been one that hit me so hard. Moments when my Continue reading

At Hys Will


I awake in a pitch black room. My hands still bound behind my back. I hear heavy footsteps and clanking down the hallway outside my chamber door.

Creek! Clack! The door opens, blinding my sleepy eyes.

A harsh voice from the doorway calls, “On your knees, Slut.” Continue reading

Separation of Parent & ADULT Child

i know that as a step-parent i may never really empathize with a  biological parent the complexity that is “you’ll always be my baby”  here’s what’s sad y’all. we are not always gunna be a baby!

the  animal kingdom has got it right. once, them babies can fly, walk, or  crawl…they can leave the nest. it’s every animal or bug for itself. i  know this sounds soo damn heartless. let me finish.

don’t  tell me that none of y’all experience your parents still talking to you  like  Continue reading