Freedom to Sit 

I have to admit that I was slightly irritated at a football player sitting down for the national anthem. It’s that initial reaction. Before you really ponder on this silent protest in its entirety. It’s our national anthem! How dare he?

Of course, I didn’t make my feelings known because I had to understand why he chose to sit. I had to understand what he was risking to sit. Had to process his emotions and what he’s trying project. My initial reaction was shock. Not anger. As I had originally thought. Shock. And that is exactly what protests are supposed to do. They create shock, anger and finally conversation.

Here I was shocked by this act and at the same time reading articles about the North Dakota Pipeline through Native American territory and sacred grounds. I decided there are so many social injustices in this country that some people couldn’t possibly understand. Because they’re not or have never experienced. 

I’m not going to follow the crowd with the idea that police officers are out to get the black man. I’m a white woman and have been randomly approached by officers before. Nor am I going to agree that one’s verdict is based entirely on their race. I stress that it could very well be a factor but I’m not going to agree it is the sole factor. Let alone that it is our entire police. I’m not denying there is clearly a problem. However, for me to prejudice law enforcement is hypocritical to the argument at hand. 

Money talks. That’s where our entire justice system is flawed! 

But, I believe the media and our government like the country at odds with each other. A people focused on each other they’re distracted from what the government is doing.

Alas, you’re gonna think I’m crazy if I get on that tangent. Black people know deprivation, they have experienced discrimination. We can argue that all of that was in the past. Really? Is it? 

Sure nothing is labeled black potty and white potty. Nobody is forced to sit in the back of the bus anymore. Nor are people being auctioned off for slavery. That doesn’t mean racism is extinct.

I’m sorry folks. Take down your white picket fence and step into the street! 

The reason I made a conscious decision to agree with Colin Kaepernick is because while we’re a nation founded by minorities the people as a whole vehemently express their disdain for different. 

Yes. White male privilege fucking exist. You deny it because you’re living as such. As well as I’m ignorant to white privilege because I’ve never felt privileged to be white. I was the monority where I grew up. Therefore, I can empathize. 

This doesn’t make it right to claim every situation as a threat towards your race! I think the race card is thrown out too often that people are loosing it’s meaning.

 Yes. An officer tells you to stop. You stop. No matter the color of your skin. You don’t run, dig in your pockets or argue. That’s protocol regardless of race, gender or wealth! Take the officer’s discrimination to court. Make it to court.

But, it appears that’s a long shot now. Video after countless video.. My heart sinks. And the people taking sides against each other. You know it’s wrong. End argument and join hands.

I believe in ones right to protest. Regardless if I agree with their stance or not. People have fought and died for our freedom but lord you better jump when your government tells you to? Hmm? I’m sorry you fought for freedoms I’m not genuinely given?

Freedom. Ha! Sure. We don’t have it as bad as some countries but I can’t say that I’ve felt free in this country either. Every freedom that should be granted to a human being in this country is earned by a civilian fighting, marching, bloodshed. 

Native Americans

Irish American 

African American 

Chinese American 




Homosexuals and trans

The list goes on..

This melting pot of a country would prefer you cook with a strainer. I sit with Colin for the injustices of all. 

I suggest people read and understand your constitutional rights. Freedom isn’t free. It’s at the cost of your Neighbor’s blood! 
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