Over It

I’ve thought really hard about this decision. Wondering how I’ll keep in touch with people or know where my friends are in their lives. With a lot of self-searching and close observation. I noticed there’s not much about life. An area where I once believed people posted about their lives and we could comment or love or support.

I don’t see it happening anymore. If one posts something that they’re genuinely happy about someone else has to find a downside to this happiness.

People are angry. People seem, for the most part miserable. When that miserable person has a sliver of happiness there’s a miserable friend right there ready to knock them back to down into the dark, miserable hole.

I’m saying Fuck You Facebook. I’m over it.

So far, I’ve had pleasant experiences on Instagram and Pintrest. Twitter is still a little funky for me. I’m over the nagging, angry, hate and complaints. All the damn time. Maybe it’s the stuff I’m following. Maybe, it’s the way I’m browsing one over the other. Maybe, it’s the pollution of ads taking over my newsfeed and my getting frustrated having to dig around this stupid “book” to find my friends.

I’m in a good place in my life and it sucks to see so many people so unhappy. Watching the inability to maturely agree to disagree. The disposing of friends due to conflicts of interests. I’ve always been fond of expressing difference of opinions amongst peers. They were fun discussions and thought provoking.

I saw this coming. I saw myself rolling my eyes at every post that said, “Had to delete another friend due to _____.” Whatever their disagreement was. :/

I’m trying to get all my pictures off of there and figure out where to save them outside of the Social Media. Soon, I will leave Facebook, dancing to my favorite break up song, “Crazy Bitch.” Buck cherry.

There’s enough negativity in the world. I don’t need to consciously incorporate it in my life on a regular basis.

6 thoughts on “Over It

  1. There’s an option in settings to download all of your data. Many people have written about it so Googling it would be easiest. Also, deleting over deactivating is the most permanent way to go. It’s what I did. I just couldn’t do it anymore.

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    • Yes! I felt like I was killing brain cells or something. Then I’d just get this disgusted feeling. Like, I’ve just wasted time.
      I’ve taken Facebook off of my phone. I’ll follow Wendi’s advice as soon as I get to a computer.
      We cannot have anything pull YOU away from your art!! ❤️


  2. you could always put all of your pictures into DropBox, which is a free storage and really rocks because you can set it to automatically retrieve pictures from your phone, and other devices so they are ALL in one place. I hope you don’t delete WordPress too! I love reading your blogs!

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    • Thanks, Hun! I really just want my pictures. I’d like to save the pics on a memory card. Things happen to phones and computers all the time.
      Ha ha! Thanks! I’m so glad you still swing by!!
      No plans on deleting WordPress. I might be on here a little more. Friends explain their lives and experiences and there is discussion.


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