Your Life Goes On

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The fluffy is real and it’s really unhealthy. I’ve mentioned The Fluffy. Right? Surely. That feeling you have when you’re in a new relationship. Like you’re on Cloud 9. Nothing can bring you down. Your new lover and all the cute little imperfections are adorable. And everything they ask you to do is one step closer to that great big diamond finger-weight!

The Fluffy is real.

We let these new lovers get away with murder. You’d help burry the bodies and burn your blood ridden clothes. You’d burn off your fingertips. Some of you. Geeze.

Respectable women becoming these crazy saps. That’s right. Saps! Suddenly, you’re missing work. Sleeping on the job. Canceling dinner dates with friends. Loosing yourself.

It ain’t right, I tell ya. You think it’s cute. They think it’s cute.

Aww! She really, really loves me!!

But, you’re life shouldn’t end in this new relationship. It should fucking grow!

It’s true. I play a bit of Devil’s advocate when it comes to these situations. That one is rude as hell for keeping you up all night with mindless ooey-gooey conversation. This one is stupid as fuck for letting it happen. It takes two.

If one doesn’t respect the other’s life? Shouldn’t that raise one of those little red flags?

Tomorrow? No amount of coffee will last her to lunch time. For what? Was that conversation life changing? Did it accomplish you a raise to keep the bad ass job on track? World peace a success by the 5 hour long talk at 2AM?

I didn’t think so. Instead, your boss is watching your stats. Looking down his nose for your next review. Your friends haven’t seen or heard from you. They’re one button away from putting a missing person’s alert on you. You’ve probably let your home go to crap because you’ve been sleeping where? You’re suddenly buying a weekend bag and travel shampoos.


We’re all guilty of some form of misty, fluffiness in a new relationship. A constant haze where nothing else matters because you’ve got this cute and wonderful new woman in your life.

I get it! I really get it! Been there. Done that.

Let’s remember something. Your new lover. Your new most favorite lady in the whole world? She started asking you out because of everything you’re about!! She wants to be involved in your awesome life!! Not flip it upside down.

So keep your head clear in that big, fluffy cloud. Time management and priorities. Your meant-to-be will understand your world and manage their own. The two of you meet somewhere in the middle over dinner..Or whatever fabulous date you have planned during your free time. It’s a new relationship. You’re not married yet. Living your life and how she lives hers, followed with how you manage time for each other in the dating process is a perfect indicator for life after the monumental, “I Do.” 😉 

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