Tis The Season 

It feels like it’s been a really long time since I’ve felt all Christmas-y!! Last year I had just started my job and we were a little low on funds for presents and decorations. Me, the Christmas lover that I am still loved our Christmas last year! The awesome Grizzly found Christmas things for us to enjoy! Last year was still a Winter Wonderland for me! Thanks to mom we enjoyed wine tasting in Chads Ford followed by Longwood Gardens for their lights and decorations! Strolling along the trails with hot cocoa and sharing a big chocolate chip cookie.

I loved our first Christmas together. It’s not about presents. Remember, It’s all about who you spend it with and how you make it.

This year I’m a bit ecstatic! I was able to go crazy buying presents for her! I love the giving and wrapping presents! The figuring out what’s best to buy for my loved ones. I try to pay attention all year to know just what to get for Christmas! So, I really can’t wait until that big day!

The excitement started with the ability to get everyone presents. I actually have the job I hate so much to thank for it!

It kicked into overdrive when I came home from work one night to a big surprise! The Grizzly was toying with me about having said surprise waiting for me.

“Ooooh! And is it really big and cylindrical??” I do be a dirty girl!

“No. That’s this weekend.”

“Hmm. Ok. Is it attached to your face where one would give kisses?” Can’t blame a girl for trying!

“No, Babe. That’s this weekend.”

Well damn whatever could it be?

I walk in the door and there it is!l on our dining table! A cute little white Christmas tree just screaming for my decorator skills!! My brain started scrambling, wondering where the heck anyone can find specific Christmas tree decorations so close to Christmas??

“Aren’t you excited? You like it right?” Grizzly asks.

“Yes. Of course! It’s perfect. I’m wondering how the hell you found a white Christmas tree so close to Christmas. And where am I to find decorations. You did good! ”

Suddenly, she’s rushing us out the door because she knows all these places that are having sales on Christmas ornaments! What??

Tree bought and decorated all in one night!! Boom! Our little tee is perfect for our home and our little family! 🙂

I seriously cannot wait until Christmas morning! Thanks to modern technology my family in Texas and I will be celebrating via FaceTime!!

I couldn’t be happier this year! May you all be blessed this holiday! Whatever you celebrate this season-Be Blessed and thankful!

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