And She is Called Grizzly



We’ve all known her as Crush. But, she’s not really Crush anymore, is she? I do believe we’ve moved right on over to something a bit more serious than a crush.


So, I don’t even think of her as Crush anymore. She’s not a crush anymore. She’s so much more than that. The moment we became a real couple. After we began intimacy. For everything else. Lol! I started calling her Grizzly. Like a Grizzly bear.

Ya see. When we are intimate she makes this noise when she’s really into it. She sounds like a bear. I friggin’ love it! There is this other side of her that comes out we call The Beast. Throghout my dating experiences I’d typically call bullshit on such a thing.

Not. With. Her. Nope. She’s legit! She is a beast.

Outside of the bedroom I still refer to as a beast. She does, in fact, growl. Her upper lip does move. Sneering face and all. Grizzly.

There are a lot of different names I have for her. But, Grizzly is most suitable. She is sweet and caring. Incredibly giving. In ways I suppose a Daddy Bear would be for it’s family. She is the protecter and constantly making sure her loved ones are well. She’s playful and can be serious. Most attentive and affectionate. Her eyes are a soulful brown. Deep. With stories to share.

She has the big heart with the rough edges I am shamelessly drawn to. I am comfortable with her. She doesn’t make me question myself. Believe it or not, I do that way too much.

I am constantly reminded of the tarot reading in New Orleans. The reader had said that my power animal was a bear. Hmm.

Figured it was time I made you aware that I have given Crush a new name. If you see the name Grizzly pop up anywhere. I’m referring to the one and only Crush. 😉

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