Take Me



I want you to rip apart my shirt, shove your knee between my legs and force them apart as you take hold of my pussy.

“How’s my pussy?”

It knows. My pussy knows that touch. It quivers. The heat builds up.

Your touch.

I melt. Your forcefulness. Your tenderness. Your passion. The way you hold me. In this you own me.

Caress me.

Love me.

Fuck me.

We melt. Ready. Willing.

Kiss deeply on my neck. Grab hold of my breasts let you finger tips squeeze their nipples as you bring them into your mouth.

I fall into another place. Exactly where you want me to be. In eroticism. That feeling of being sexy and yours. You can read my mind, my body.

Feel me.

I need you.

I need you to touch me. Kiss me. Caress me. Talk dirty to me. Whisper.

Make me tickle. Tingle. Feel.

Feel something stronger than our everyday.

A high. That high. Lost.

In the woman I am. The butch you are. The way you love. The way we love.

Fuck. Touch.

Take me to that world. That world you take me to.

That journey I ride when your head is between my thighs. Tongue flicking, swirling.

Oh God whatever it is you do. Take me there.

That ride I’m on when you grab onto my hips pulling yourself into me.

Your mouth. The feel of your hair. Watching you get lost in me.

I’m on the brink of drawing blood to your back. The sheets have been torn. Biting my lips. Scratching my breasts, my stomach, my thighs.

I call you a fucking asshole from hell. But, fuck I love you.

Take me there. I miss it. I crave it. You. The way you touch. The way you love.

Fuck me.

Into oblivion. Into that world.

Where I go. It’s not our little home. Our bed. Not even this city.

I get lost. Eyes in the back of my fucking head lost. In your feel. The way you feel.

Fuck. Me. Soft hard, slow, fast, rough. I don’t care. I’ll be your Baby Girl, Daddi.

Fuck me. I want to cry, squirm and beg for you to stop. Oh. Wait. No. Please, please. Keep. Going.



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