Sorry. Not Sorry!


I’m not sorry anymore. I had spent too big of a chunk of life feeling sorry. It’s time to stop. I really need to stop saying that word.

I was told once by a lovely woman in a Wiccan shop that saying sorry is like saying that I am sorrowful. As a person. Like, I am a low person.

I’m not a low person. What?

However, it’s a word I use a lot. My mistake or something should be a good substitute. I’m not actually sorry about anything at all when I say it through out the day.

I’m not sorry.

I’m not sorry for the things I say here nor outside of my comfy little blog space.

Not sorry for the past I’ve traveled. It was my past. While difficult and hard for others to understand it is my past. My past that has created the woman I am now.

I’m not sorry for the people who have come into my life who others may disapprove. While they may not be the best people to some. They have been good to me. If not for me.

I’m not sorry for following my heart instead of my head in a lot of cases. My instincts are quite wise. The times I have doubted them I have suffered the consequences.

I’m not sorry for not getting along with you from the get go. Please see above about instincts.

Not sorry at all about the erotic dreams, thoughts, clothing I let out every now and then. I’m female. I have a cunt, feelings, nerves…orgasms.

As incredibly selfish as this post may appear. Again. I’m not sorry. It is my personal goal to stop saying sorry.

For what? Seriously. Not sorry for being loud, adventurous, random and sometimes ignorant.

I realized I say I’m sorry way too much. Could be a nervous tic of sorts. However, I will consciously try to quit. Because I’m not sorry. I have a great life. I might not be exactly where I want to be but I am happy with what I have. Where I have come from.

There isn’t anything sorrowful about me. Or about you!

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