NorthEast Bound!

Vintage luggage - - Man puts wifes suitcases in to back of car


How can I rush the updates along????

I’ve been out of the blog world for what seems like forever!! I went back home after my visiting Crush and broke the news to my closest friends and family. I felt some pings of disappointment her and there. Because the proposal was so sudden. So soon. Which I can understand. However, when one is clearly happy about the event does that really need to be the first thing out of their friends’ mouth?

Given my previous experience with marriage. I understand their concerns as well. They are your friends and loved ones. They care. That is all.

As you notice throughout these posts I didn’t stay with anyone I was dating for very long. I wasn’t interested in wasting their or my time. If it wasn’t there? It wasn’t there. Simple as that. What people did know. Is that with Crush it was always there. With all the too soons there were a lot of ‘duhs.’

Then came the big question with who is moving where? I suppose it’s one thing to move as roommates and the ability to bolt when the living situation goes bust. I think allot of people were afraid of me repeating history. The thing with feelings. With gut feelings. Something inside you if you’re going into a bad situation. Crush has always made me feel secure. Where with many before there was the little nudge telling me not to go through that door or not open my own.

So I got it. I understood. My mentality was simply that I love Crush. Simply, I had planned on moving her way before we got engaged. I was sticking to that. The fact that her state recognized marriage equality was a major perk.

I moved. Sooner than I had planned. But, circumstances caused for plans to change. It was difficult saying bye to my job. I’m hooked on that place. Some friends that have been there through thick and thin and having to let them go. I spent an entire day with my favorite Fierce Femme drinking coffee until the sun went down switching to wine. Going to meet up with a small group of gorgeous people for karaoke night at the girl bar. Roomie actually got me to go up and sing Dixie Chicks with her.

Crush actually got on a plane to come to Houston to ride with me for the drive home. We had a little lunch with The Mom. They hit if off beautifully. I was having lunch in awe watching the two of them talk. We had said our byes to The Mom. Mom and I cried. Our relationship had come so far over the years.

Off to the Northeast we went!! Jamin’ to tunes, windows down, and a long gorgeous road ahead! Honestly, the best way to travel!!

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