Dinner Surprise!



Rather than packing up our short week bouncing from one friend’s house to another. We decided to have everyone over for dinner! This way we can have our time. Crush showing me around her city, chill time at home. To give me an idea where I was deciding to move. Fell in love with the parks and my new favorite book store 2nd and Charles. I was feeling pretty content. Touring through the streets observing the beautiful old town homes and cobblestone roads.

Our dinner plans snuck up on me! We had to get ready and prepare dinner. Crunched on time she wouldn’t let me in the kitchen to help. Pouring wine, snacking off the grapes & veggies. Small chatter among her friends in the living room. Just a chill atmosphere. Me just sort of feeling everyone out. I don’t know these people but they all seemed really friendly and welcoming.

After a little while as I was just getting comfortable. I’m told to go with a friend to the store to grab cigarretes. Crush didn’t want her friend to go by herself and she needed some smokes too.


Her friend and I hop in the car and light one up for the short ride. It seemed, there wasn’t a thing about mine and Crush’s journey she didn’t know. That was a little refreshing. In the beginning of my opening up to Crush I felt all kinds of wrong. But, the more I heard from Crush and her friend..I honestly didn’t feel so bad anymore. That other chick just sounded like a head game.

We make it back to Crush’s place. I walk in and there’s a loud, “Surprise!!” Complete with balloons and everyone cheering, “Happy Birthday!”

This is August. My birthday was in June. She created a belated birthday party. Everyone reading right now tilt your head and say Awww!!

I was directed to a chair and Crush is standing in front of me. She attempted to give a little speech until I opened my mouth for her to spit it out. “No more skirting around a topic. We agreed we’re not doing that anymore.”

Then she drops to one knee!

What?!?!? Now?!?

I hadn’t moved here yet. We haven’t experienced living together. Real dating. It seemed sudden. On the other hand this person knows everything about me without making me feel ashamed. Or hold anything against me. The only time I’ve ever felt hurt throughout our friendship is when we’ve taken breaks from talking on the phone. We’ve always picked right back up.

She has been like a counselor for the last last three years or so. Ears and the proverbial shoulder to cry on. She’s known how to pick me and sometimes bring me back down. Keeping me leveled and not in that restrictive way. As you all know there has been a comforting vulnerability between the two of us.

Full of excitement and shaking I said, “Yes!” Of course I said yes!!


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