V.V. M.I.A.


Unbeknownst to me, I’ve taken a leap off the social network globe. It all started when my phone broke. I refused to go through insurance again. Dropping dough on a phone for a provider I was ending my contract with. So, Facebook, Twitter & WordPress no longer a fingertip away. At first, I was a little bored. No phone, texts, keeping up with the newsfeeds. Then I got comfortable. I shoved my nose in a book and thoroughly enjoyed the downtime after the usual 8hr work days. There was a change. I felt relaxed. No matter the hectic days a the j.o.b. I didn’t have notifications going off on my phone, emails to delete etc. My interactions were with those who genuinely want to be and are a part of my life.

I was able to replace the phone with an extra from The Mom for a small activation fee of $25!! I refused to download Facebook. Refused. I’ve enjoyed the escape. Nothing against anyone. I guess, I’m a hippy in this aspect. I feel like we’re all glued to some sort of screen 24-7.

I was forced to cave. Originally, for experimental purposes. Crush and I are chillin’ at home. She notices something ‘off’ on her relationship status. V.V. isn’t there?

“What? Why? I didn’t delete you or anything.” I responded.

“You must have because you’re not on Facebook. And when I go to your page there’s nothing.”

She was on the computer in the middle of something. I check my phone only to be told I can’t get into my own Facebook??


Ok. It’s cool. I’ll deal with it tomorrow after work. This is gonna through shit up with my blog Facebook having issues!! Facebook downloaded on my phone again for nothing. Logged into the computer. Still wouldn’t let me get into my account. Facebook or someone doesn’t think I’m a real.

I wouldn’t have had an issue fixing this situation if Facebook on account for their requirements to determine my legitmacy!

Facebook required some serious identification to prove my being a real person. Passport? My Social Security Number? State Driver’s License?

You can go fuck yourself! There is absolutely no way in hell I would hand that information to a social network site. I don’t give a fuck how solid you believe your privacy policy is.

They’re called hackers for a reason!

I had created a completely different V.V. Facebook. As an afterthought asked myself, “Why?”

I had grown comfortable with the disconnect. Not hiding out. Nothing in my personal life had changed that made me want to cut the world off or anything. I just enjoyed less screens. Less noise. For employment purposes..a little less paranoia.

It seems I haven’t touched that new account since I created it. With this disconnect puts me in a bit of a writer’s block. With all the drama and crazy that is Facebook. Conversations/threads got my gears turning. Made me ponder on subjects and expand it on here. With my own views on the topic. Open for interpretation, comments, sharing.

I’ve been told numerous times that since I’ve found Crush that I have calmed down. I have in a sense. In a good way. I don’t think anyone really understands that I have seriously gained a partner in a butch who was my best friend. She was the one I spoke to everyday. The one I confided in. She was the person I ran to when PMDD kicked in. I’ve had my phases of hiding out from the world. But, I still spoke to Crush. I literally hang out with my best friend on a regular basis.

So. I have this Facebook account hanging out. I’ve misplaced the log-in info. And it’s just not on my to-do list. It seemed like I wasn’t blogging so much anymore, either. Another reason I didn’t bother with the social media? Computer life just kinda chilled in the back of my mind.

I considered taking the whole thing down, honestly. Haven’t really been sure what to write about. This has been my diary for a few years. Now my diary has a new constant character. While there were a few bumps in the beginning before we became an item. We’re a pretty chill couple. While we’re a chill couple. I feel like I never have the time to sit and focus on anything long enough to write. At least for it to make any sense. Long 8hr days in front of a screen and all the noise. I like the calm after work. When I have the free time on the weekend? I soak that shit up like a sponge!!

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