The Butch-Liner Effect


Photo Credit: KC Chambers

This topic has been twirling ’round my cranium for a long time. It seems to stir some folks up a bit when approached. Ruffles a few feathers. Some boxers in wads

. Let me start this off by saying that I’m not defining Butch with this post. It is not my intent to tell you, Butch, Soft Butch, Stone Butch, or Futch how you should express yourself. I’m mostly curious as to why this particular topic causes such discussion.

Eyeliner. Guy-Liner. Butch-Liner. However, one prefers to phrase this little piece of make-up typically applied by those of the femme spectrum. But, gender ’tis a complex and messy subject.

Does the use of eyeliner rid your butch status? Eyeliner?

I’m not one to tell another yes or no. I don’t feel that anyone should be telling anyone who or what they are. However, if a person walks around seriously believing they’re cat, lives their life as a cat and speaks meow. While they are clearly of the homosapien species. We have them admitted to the nearest psych ward. Extreme comparison? Thus the necessary evil of labels or identifiers.

Make sense?

I feel that butch is both internal as well as external. It is owned by that butch. She swags it, talks it, works it. I believe there is an energy that is within a butch that is clear to the butch herself. As well as those around her. It’s that energy that draws the adoring femme. The energy that makes straight women question their sexuality. Makes some men uncomfortable and a little relieved at the same time. There is a metaphysical presence when a butch is around.

I do believe part of that ownership of being a butch is the outward appearance. I know. Burn me at the stake for saying such a thing. Hear me out. Blog isn’t finished yet. 😉

There are roads and paths I feel that butches travel that others are oblivious to. Those questionable stares, heartbreak from that curious girl, shunned from family and friends because of this “abnormality.” Because butch is not like other girls. Never has been. Never will be. I’m not sure I’m explaining this right. I’m not sure with the changing of times that this even applies to anyone now-a-days. Probably a part of this post I have no right mentioning. However, I feel it is where the sensitivity of the topic comes from.

With that being said. That’s where I struggle with my own thoughts and attractions to butch. I like the way a butch struts into a room, the smirk, butch confidence. I like the way she dresses, she can pull off a button down with some baggy jeans. While I’d look and feel like a mad hot mess! And smells so good when she holds me in her strong arms.

When asked if a butch is still butch when she wears eyeliner? Automatically, I say yes. It’s just eyeliner! Then my mind wonders. Branches out. Am I going against my own ideals or likes for my type of butch? What’s the big deal about a little eyeliner?

My argument..with myself has always been that it’s not worn the same way. Yes. It’s still to make your eyes pop like femmes do. But, a butch works it differently. More of a rockstar effect…

But, where does one draw the line?

At what point would one consider themselves butch opposed to more androgynous? I think andro and a chick with short hair, wearing a pink dress, with old Doc Martins comes to mind. Following with a bunch of 90’s alternative rock music videos.  I’ve seen some mighty fine butches with long hair. Absolutely butch. And it has totally suited that particular butch! I’ve seen butches rock the eyeliner and fingernail polish and I wouldn’t question them otherwise.

I wonder if the eyeliner argument is as narrow-minded or sexist as the straight man alternative? “Real men don’t wear pink.”

I wonder if the whole eyeliner argument is simply just an old school way of thinking? And I’m curious to know at what point would one be considered androgynous rather than butch? It clearly can’t be eyeliner alone? Or just long hair? My wearing boxers for a day doesn’t automatically toss me into the butch end of the spectrum?

Does it? But I have long hair and make up on? 😉

2 thoughts on “The Butch-Liner Effect

  1. Sorry, but you wouldn’t catch me dead in eyeliner or with nail polish…I suppose it’s okay for some of the more new-agey Butches but I don’t believe that many of us OFOS Butches would be comfortable rocking that look. Good to see you blogging!!! 🙂

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  2. Honesty , eyeliner and pretty painted finger nails are not my thing, I love to see it, but only on femmes. I’m old school and masculine of center and believe butches, and I mean BUTCH is the third gender. This for me meaning, we are neither female nor male, nor are we Trans , we are something all together unique. With that said , I have known some BUTCHES , to wear make up. Fuck, I once wore a red tutu with devil horns glued to my shaved head at a Halloween party, while every other butch dressed as soldiers or zombies. They all looked at me as if they were thinking WTF?!?. But I was lol the most masculine of them all and the femmes we’re loving it. I’m not sure what my point is with telling this story, but , I no a butch when I see one, and the eyeliner doesn’t throw me off. What I notice more and more , is that some people try and wear butch for a day , then something else the next. That is not butch. I guess my point is, dressing like a butch doesn’t make one butch. Nor does wearing eyeliner take that away from a butch. As you said , being butch is enternal as it is external. The two go hand in hand for me. To say and dress the part is very different from living it. It’s not a costume part for us….

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