Crush in Person



Other femme dealt . Drama done with. Relationship figured out. Flight booked. Bags packed and getting antsy to finally meet this constant butch in my life! Finally!

3 years! 3 years we have been best friends!! Now a couple. This lovey, dovey, mushy as fuck couple.

Who knew?

I was ridiculously excited. Ridiculously! I could not wait to meet her. Yes. We said, “I love you’s” and all of that before meeting. Mind you. She has been this..staple in my life for 3 years!!

Lemme tell you about my little week visit to the Northeast! Southwest Airlines can suck my fat cock! Seriously! They had to keep pushing my flight back. It was looking like I’d get to Philly well after midnight. Yea. No. Consulting with the customer service/flight booking lady. Trying to figure out a different flight for me to jump on. Baltimore it is. Still getting to Crush a little later than planned. A lot later than planned. But, earlier than Flight for Philly. Asked about my switching flights and my bags. Hmpf. They said my bags would go where ever I was going. Um. Sure. Ok.

Hmm..I arrived in Baltimore. Looking around for Crush. There she was leaning against a pole at baggage claim with her friend. Cute as ever. I wanted to do everything we mentioned on the phone. Scream, run..kiss all over. I was exhausted from flight delays and the late hours. My legs wouldn’t move fast enough. Kissing all over. I didn’t want to be rude to her friend. My luggage did not travel with me! Late, tired, a little hungry. No clothes, toothbrush, any little traveling luxuries amiss. Being our first encounter, I needed those little luxuries! Toothbrush! Body spray! Clean undies!!

Stinky, wrinkled clothes from the night’s flight is not attractive. First stop. Wal-Mart. Jeans, and a cute shirt. I’m set. Cheap toothbrush and undies. Ok. I’ll survive until my bag arrives. Right?

Hanging around the facial cleansers and such. We were alone for a minute. Just in awe that we were there. Together. Finally. A kiss. In the hygiene isle of Wal-Mart. Took over my entire body. We had to get moving. I was starving and her friend was somewhere around here. Necessities purchased and we grabbed some grub.

Walked into her apartment in the wee hours. Attempted to watch a movie and chill. That didn’t last. We snuggled immediately and proceeded to make out heavily on the couch. The hottest make out session I’ve ever experienced. The heat was coursing throughout my entire body. My mind was wrapped up in her lips, her touching me, the feel of her skin.


Incredibly intense.


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